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i-net Business Event «Out-of-the-Box with Pascal Bourquard – Insights about Entrepreneurship»

i-net’s out-of-the-box busi­ness events is a new for­mat high­light­ing out­stan­ding en­tre­pre­neurs. The aim is to learn from the en­tre­pre­neur’s ex­pe­ri­ence, to get in­sights from these per­sons about their un­der­stan­ding of en­tre­pre­neurship, their mo­ti­va­ti­on, their work-life-ba­lan­ce, their vi­si­ons and to lis­ten their sto­ries. The event shall sti­mu­la­te in­di­vi­du­als from the re­gi­on to think about en­tre­pre­neurship, its risks and its opportunities.

Pas­cal Bour­quard is a self-ma­de en­tre­pre­neur who is ac­tive in many sec­tors like the watchma­king sup­p­ly­ing sec­tor, the elec­tro­nic and mi­cro­elec­tro­nic sec­tor, the iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on and se­cu­ri­ty sec­tor, the en­er­gy and car-sharing sec­tor. Pas­cal Bour­quard has a com­mer­ci­al and eco­no­mi­cal back­ground, he is so­mehow the Ri­chard Bran­son of Jura.


17:00 - Welcome & Introduction: Fabian Käser, i-net
17:10 - Entrepreneurship: Pascal Bourquard
18:00 - Q&A with the Audience
18:20 - Networking Apéro

The par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on to the event is free of char­ge. You are asked to re­gis­ter your pre­sence until 15.02.2015 on

This kind of event is the perfect place for neworking.